About Us

TenX-er Apps LLC is a Mobile App Development company headquartered in Naples, Florida. We design and develop beautiful Mobile Apps customized to your business.

Tenxer Apps LLC biggest differentiator is our commitment to provide “Value Through Innovation” utilizing a combination of proprietary tools and platforms. This enables us to offer beautiful and quality Mobile Apps while lowering our clients’ operating costs.

Our proven project management and delivery expertise ensures complete peace of mind, transparency, and guaranteed value addition. TenXer’s apps are fast, resilient, and reliable. We deliver Mobile Apps to give your users the best experience.

Where does the name come from? It’s pronounced ten-ex-r apps. “TenXer” refers to the very Silicon Valley idea of “The 10x Engineer,” one developer who can do the job of 10. Our mission is to make beautiful and affordable apps – 10x better than the average and to provide our customers with the professional services that they need to take full advantage of our proprietary Application Development Platform. The change is the shift to a new ecosystem with 10x the scale, 10x better data and by applying the 10x mindset we try to deliver the 10x better results.

We tailor our delivery model to meet our clients’ needs and work to deliver projects that surpass their expectations. We are proud of our work and feel humbled by all the appreciation we have received – it inspires us to architect more success stories for our clients.