• LightSpeed POS: Next Generation Cloud-Based Point-of-Sale system
  • Cayan Genius Platform: One integrated platform [that accepts] chip-and-PIN cards and [handles] Mobile Payments.
  • iPhone, iPad and Android Mobile Apps
  • Custom Mobile App Development

LightSpeed: Cloud-Based Point of Sale

We offer the next generation cloud based Point-Of-Sale that provides a streamlined Online Ordering presence sharing the database with real-time updates, integrated gift and loyalty programs. Many popular brands are moving away from legacy Point of Sale systems like Micros and Revention.

The Lightspeed Point of Sale System is an all-in-one package that combines our powerful POS solution with Advanced Reporting and Lightspeed Accounting, all for one low price and designed to take your business to the next level.

Our cloud-based POS is perfect for retailers and restaurants of all types and sizes. With user-friendly functionalities, such as table-side ordering, bill splitting and employee management, you’ll be able to manage your staff, menu and layout all from one robust and flexible platform. For a limited time only we’re offering 20% off until Dec 30th

Traditional systems are costly, involve complex pricing models, are expensive to maintain, and are aesthetically challenged. Tablet-based POS units, on the other hand, are cheap, have simple SaaS-style pricing, include everything a merchant needs, and offer slick interfaces. It is no wonder the mPoS installed base will grow from 13.3 million units today to 54.03 million units in 2019, according to 451 Research.

In the U.S. alone there’s about 2.8 million retail businesses, a million of which fall into the verticals that we service, many of whom are running legacy systems that may not allow them to compete as well as they could in this omni-channel, consumer driven age








Cayan Genius Platform-Cayan offers payment solutions for online and brick-and-mortar retailers, as well as point-of-sale (POS) developers.

Faster card transactions and ultra-secure e-commerce to help turn one‑time buyers into repeat customers.

We’ve partnered with Cayan, the company that created a fully‑configurable cloud‑based solution that unifies all customer touchpoints. You’ll manage the entire customer experience across locations and between channels — all while never touching cardholder data. From buy online, pick up in store to auto‑restock and in‑aisle purchases — they’re making it possible for your business to deliver outstanding customer experiences today.

Cayan, the leading provider of payment technologies and processing solutions. Because of this partnership, we are uniquely positioned to support current and future payment needs of our customers.

There is a lot of radical changes taking place and they are happening more frequently with more impact on your business. Consumers’ demands are now driving more and more of these changes, and here at Tenxer Apps LLC we can help your business to implement the changes.

Cayan Genius Platform (it integrates into LightSpeed POS) allows customers to pay how they want, where they want, and be on their way quickly—whether it’s through lightning-fast chip card transactions or any of the array of mobile payments on the market. You’ll be ready to say “yes” to any and all customer payment requests, because Genius supports: credit, debit, EMV/chip cards, gift cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, and more.

Mobile payment tech is still in its early days, after all but experts predict that mobile payment will become the preferred payment choice in the future. Mobile payment and EMV will take off concurrently because the rollout is enabling operators to accept mobile payments at the same terminal (Genius Platform)

Mobile payments industry is ripe to becoming one of the next hottest sectors in tech. The speed in which we will be able to carry out transactions continues to show us a compelling movement in the evolution for mobile payments and the trend that by 2020, 90 percent of smartphone users will have made a mobile payment.

eMarketer forecasts the number of in-store mobile payment users to rise at a 40% five-year CAGR to reach 150 million by the end of 2020. It represents 56% of the consumer population using Mobile Payments during the year 2020. It also reflects a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 80% between 2015 and 2020. By 2017, total mobile payment volumes will reach $780bn, climbing to $930bn in 2018 and $1.08tn in 2019.

Because of this enormous growth — and potential growth that mobile devices present — we can expect to see the mobile payments industry and startups in the space evolve to meet the growing demands of users.





















We work hand-in-hand with you through every stage of the development process to ensure that success is achieved from the conceptualization phase to the final release stage.

TenXer Apps offers custom mobile application solutions that help organizations to communicate with their customers through custom mobile devices. Leveraging our industry intelligence and technological background, we design and build mobile applications that are customer-friendly and facilitate easy and quick data processing.

With so much happening within Apple and Google on the mobile front – our team is constantly keeping on top of the latest developments. We research and evaluate these technologies, and have devised our own custom development approach and frameworks to offer you a highly responsive, elegant and more user friendly applications.